ISWI Newsletter - Vol.3 No.93
26 October 2011

Dear ISWI Participant:

There are three attachments today:

  1. On Day 1 of the recent UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI, Dr Rabiu (member of the LOC) gave an overview of the workshop. His PowerPoint is attached as pdf for your perusal. Nigeria, with one quarter of Africa's population, is by far the largest nation in Africa.
  2. This is CALLISTO status report #31. This network keeps on growing! The recent installation at Helwan University (Egypt) was explained as part of an ISWI Tutorial on Day 1 (2:10-2:30 PM, Abuja). Ms. Heba Mohamed delivered this tutorial on behalf of Dr Mahrous, who was not able to attend the workshop in person. It was a fine explanation of the Cairo Callisto installation. I would be happy to circulate a pdf of this story if the Helwan team is interested in generating the pdf for me. It would encourage more institutes around the world to install a Callisto station for the advancement of space weather science.
  3. The final attachment comes from the Nigerian Union of Radio Science. Their annual conference takes place 23-25 November 2011 in Nsukka, Nigeria. I wish them a most fruitful conference. I scanned the pamphlet that they gave to me during UN/Nigeria Workshop on ISWI.

Happy Halloween from Fukuoka Japan !
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.


(1) Overview of UN/NIGERIA Workshop on International Space Weather Initiative ISWI Dr Rabiu (member of the LOC), 845 KB, pdf, 11 pages, (click )

(2) CALLISTO status report #31 (), 979 KB, pdf, 5 pages, (click )

(3) Conference announcement: annual conference Nigerian Union of Radio Science 23-25 November 2011 in Nsukka, Nigeria (Pamphlet:), 1192 KB, pdf, 2 pages, (click )

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