ISWI Newsletter - Vol.10 No.04
13 February 2018

Dear ISWI Participant:

STSC of COPUOS (at Vienna) has concluded !

If you wish to announce space weather events, please send them in. However, immediate broadcast is not possible. Expect at least a two week delay for newsletter distribution.

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


[1] ISWI news from the Philippines (read it)

[2] How to access the presentation files of the recent "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting" during STSC of COPUOS gathering (read it)

[3] Photos of "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting" during STSC of COPUOS gathering, Feb 2018 (read it)

[4] COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop, Ethiopia (read it)

[5] PIERS 2018 Symposium in Toyama 1÷4 August, 2018, Japan (read it)

[1] ISWI news from the Philippines

Last July 31 to August 2, 2017, Ateneo Physics faculty Clint Dominic Bennett attended The United Nations/United States of America Workshop on the International Space Weather Initiative: The Decade after the International Heliophysical Year 2007, which was organized jointly by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Boston College. The workshop was hosted by Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA. … …

… … … … … …

The full text of the report can be read in ATENEO PHYSICS NEWS (here)

Send by Quirino Jr. M. Sugon

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[2] How to access the presentation files of the recent "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting" during STSC of COPUOS gathering, Vienna Austria 9 AM to 6 PM, January 31, 2018

To access any of the document files below, do this: --> Organization --> Steering Committee

Annotated Agenda (click link to document 2 432KB, 31 pages)

Annexure 0 D. Danov, G. Maeda The ISWI Website and the ISWI Newsletter
A Summary Report 2015÷2017 (click link to document 1 217KB, 17 slides)

Annexure I UN/US Workshop on ISWI July 31 ÷ August 4, 2017, Boston College, MA USA
(click link to document 1 868KB, 11 slides)

Annexure II Mekelle COSPAR workshop 2017 February 19÷25, 2017 , Mekelle University, Ethiopia
(click link to document 2 746KB, 10 slides)

Annexure III VarSITI the SCOSTEP scientific program 2014÷2018 (click link to document 2 667KB, 25 slides)

Annexure IV Chi Wang Ground-based Space Weather Monitoring Network in China
(click link to document 1 276KB, 9 slides)

Annexure V Christine Amory-Mazaudier YEAR 2017: some ISWI activities (click link to document 1 548KB, 13 slides)

Annexure VI Babatunde Rabiu Space Weather Activities in Nigeria (click link to document 2 524KB, 21 slides)

Annexure VII Aziza Bounhir ISWI in Morocco (click link to document 1 300KB, 8 slides)

Annexure VIII Report of ISWI Related Activities for 2017 in Kazakhstan (click link to document 1 183, 4 slides)

Annexure IX Dhani Herdiwijaya ISWI Activities in Indonesia 2018 (click link to document 179, 4 slides)

Send by George Maeda

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[3] Photos of "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting" during STSC of COPUOS gathering, Feb 2018

Photos were provided by Pat Doherty; they were packaged by G. Maeda

Look at collage:   link to document

Send by Pat Doherty

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[4] COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop, Ethiopia

Dear all,

Attached is the first announcement of the 2018 *COSPAR Capacity -Building Workshop* at Mekelle University in Ethiopia.

Registration and other details here:

Best regards on behalf of SOC and LOC,
Christian Monstein

Read the Announcement:  link to document

Send by Christian Monstein

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[5] PIERS 2018 Symposium in Toyama 1÷4 August, 2018, Japan

Call For Papers & Proposals.
Dear Piers Friends and Colleagues,

At this time where the environmental problems are so important, we propose to explore the following Session, planned in the Piers 2018 symposium in Toyama: "On Earth's Electromagnetic Environment , Space Weather Phenomena , and Global Climate Variability".

This session offers a unique opportunity to bring together scientists, engineers, program managers, and other prospective contributors, in order to review progress, recent advances, and future directions in all aspects of Earth’s Electromagnetic Environment and its Potential Connection with the Global Climate Variability. (Please, see the attachment  link to document for Topics of Interest and other details).

I am involving in this symposium as a session organizer. Your valuable contribution of high quality papers will be very important to the success of our session and our symposium as well.

Please inform your young scientists/students (if any) that their contributions are also welcomed.

If you have any questions, comments or special request, for example Proposals for Short-course, Workshop, Exhibition, please feel free to let me know: rtalhi[at]

We thank you in advance for your contribution to making our session vibrant and exciting, and are looking forward to seeing you in Toyama.

R. Talhi
Session Organizer

1- The Submission Deadline of one-page Abstract (at least 250 words) is March 1st , 2018 .

2- If you are not concerned with this message , or if you receive it more than once , we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

P.S :

Read the Invitation link to document

Send by Rei Kawashima

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**************[ End of this issue of the ISWI Newsletter ]******************

(1) Photos of ISWI Steering Committee during STSC-COPUOS Jan 2018 (click link to document 287KB, one page)

(2) First Announcement COSPAR Capacity-Building Workshop, May 21 ÷ June 1, 2018, Mekelle, Ethiopia (click link to document 56KB, one page)

(2) Invitation to PIERS 2018, August 1÷4 , 2018 in Toyama , Japan (click link to document 57KB, one page)

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