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Added on February 26, 2016

ISWI Steering Committee Meeting
February 19, 2016, Vienna International Center (VIC), Vienna, Austria


1. Introduction & Report (chair)

2. Secretariat update

3. Steering Committee update

  • Replacement for Debbie Scherrer (retired)

4. ISWI National Coordinators (Discussion by Christine Amory)

5. ISWI Instruments update, new network (Christian, Americo, ...)

6. Discussion and approval of the Data Subcommittee Report

7,8. ISWI – UNOOSA Collaboration (Shafa, Werner)

9. Expert Committee on Space Weather – summary of the workshop Ian Mann

10. ISWI/NASA report: Elsayed Talaat

11. ISWI School Nov 7–17, 2016, Sangli, India

12. ISWI Workshop 2017 under Discussion

13. VarSITI Report Katya Georgieva

14. Any other matter

Introduction & Report
  • Main event in 2016 UN/Japan Workshop in Fukuoka (March 2–6); collocated with AOSWA
  • Science: 14 papers published in Sun & Geosphere (founded during IHY) click on "Journal Online"
  • Panel Discussion on ISWI data: open data policy, Rules of the Road
  • Popular demand for the next workshop in the US
  • 2016 Nov 7–17 SCOSTEP/ISWI School in Sangli, Maharashtra India:
  • Instrument update: All responded but AWESOME and CIDR
  • Presentations on ISWI Instruments, national activities, and UNOOSA summary of the Fukuoka workshop at the COSPAR–ILWS meeting (Feb 15–17)
  • Summary of the Expert Group deliberations (later in the day)
  • Initial meeting for UN/US workshop on ISWI (Feb 17)
  • Christine received ESWW 2015 award for ISWI work in Africa

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Secretariat update

New members: Pat Doherty Meeting Coordination (2/2015) Shing Fung Data Coordination

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Steering Committee update

New members: Richard Marshall (Australia) and J. Americo Gonzalez-Esparza (Mexico)

The Steering Committee thanked Deborah Scherrer for the ten years of great service to ISWI

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ISWI National Coordinators
(Discussion by Christine Amory)
  • Touch base with the National Coordinators
  • Inform and take the help of National Coordinators in instrument deployments
  • Update national web sites
  • Recommend replacements if the national coordinator resigns or unable to continue

Chair: Christine Amory

Members: Mitko Danov (webmaster) Babatunde Rabiu (Nigeria) Christian Monstein (Switzerland) Richard Marshall (Australia) J. Americo Gonzalez-Esparza (Mexico)

Action: The Steering committee appointed 
the following membership subcommittee:

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ISWI Instruments update, new network

Here are Only the basics, for more see this presentation (PDF file, 4 247KB, 31 slides)

Report circulated; please provide feedback

AWESOME has no more support after Umran’s retirement from Stanford
However, SID will be under the patronage of SARA (Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers)

Morris Cohen has a faculty position at Georgia Tech. He is starting a new generation AWSOME. He will rejoin ISWI once he is ready.
Ajeet Maurya, who did his PhD with AWESOME data is a Fulbright Scholar at Georgia Tech.

CHAIN: New deployment in Saudi Arabia

LISN: New deployment in Columbia next month (3/2016)

MAGDAS: New deployments in Peru and Srilanka; Abuja magnetometer replaced

SOFIEGIFDS in full swing; SOFIE available for serious hosts

RENOIR has continued to operate in Brazil and in Morocco with good success.

For more instrument updates see presentation above (slides 9–24) (PDF file, 4 247KB, 31 slides)

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Data Subcommittee Report
Discussion and approval
  • Subcommittee report summarized by Elsayed Talaat (NASA HQ)
  • Open Data Policy
  • Rules of the Road
  • Collaboration with the PIs encouraged
  • Standard Acknowledgment to Instrument PI and ISWI
  • Instrument PIs to  take the policy and rules to the users
  • Data policy and rules to be on ISWI website, CRP, newsletters

Action: The Steering Committee approved the report from the Data Policy Subcommittee without any change

Read the draft of "ISWI Data Policy" (October 21, 2015) here    

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ISWI–UNOOSA Collaboration

Sharafat Gadimova presents

  • close connection between GNSS activities and their space weather relevance
  • Increased cooperation between GNSS and ISWI communities proposed

Werner Balogh presents

  • the Quito (2012) and Fukuoka (2015) resolutions on the continued ISWI activities as part of the UNCOPUOS permanent Space Weather agenda

The two talks are available separately.

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Scientific and Technical Subcommittee: 2016 53rd session (15-26 February 2016)
Expert Committee on Space Weather
summary of the workshop Ian Mann
  • Solar Source, Heliospheric propagation, GIC working groups during COSPAR–ILWS Roadmap workshop
  • A summary of the work of the Expert Group with a statement to the STSC under the Space Weather agenda item

Conference room paper generated as part of the 53rd session of UNCOPUOS/STSC; available as CRP17 (click )

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ISWI School Nov 7–17, 2016, Sangli, India

WEB address:

  • Advanced lectures by international experts on all aspects of the chain connecting the solar interior to Earth’s interior
  • Hands-on activities (instruments, data analysis)
  • Instrument workshops for potential new ISWI instrument deployments
  • Sixty students (40 national, 20 international planned)
  • Cosponsored by ISWI, SCOSTEP, ISEE in Japan, Indian educational institutions
  • Along the footsteps of many successful schools in Indonesia, Kenya, Peru
  • First time to be conducted in a rural area

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ISWI Workshop 2017 under Discussion
  • Kevin Canole, Werner Balogh, Pat Doherty, Elsayed Talaat, and Nat Gopalswamy had a preliminary meeting on Feb 17 in Vienna
  • Sep 12-17, 2017 seems to be a good period for the workshop
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico is a potential venue
  • Pat Doherty, as LOC chair, will start exploring the venue and potential cosponsors

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VarSITI Report Katya Georgieva
  • Importance of ISWI/SCOSTEP Synergy
  • VarSITI general symposium during June 6-10, 2016 in Albena, Bulgaria
  • Will feature results of the four VarSITI projects: ROSMIC, SPeCIMEN, SEE, and ISEST/MiniMax24

VarSITI report will be available as a separate talk.

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Any Other Matter
  • Babatunde Rabiu presented the inauguration of a new center for atmospheric studies in Nigeria
  • The Steering committee meeting will always be held during the first week of the February UNCOPUOS/STSC session
  • Thanks to Ms. Sharafat Gadimova for the Steering Committee meeting arrangements
  • Thanks to Shing Fung and the Data Policy Subcommittee for the job well done in creating the ISWI open data policy and the Rules of the Road for the data usage from ISWI instruments
  • The data policy document will be available as a UNCOUOS/STSC conference room paper, available on
    ISWI website (here ); publicized via various newsletters

VarSITI report will be available as a separate talk.

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