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Buenos Aires, Argentina, 11-14 September 2012

Long-term changes to Earth’s atmosphere are becoming more and more relevant to the future of our world and it is paramount that we quantify and understand changes occurring at all levels within the coupled atmospheric system. The increasing concentration of greenhouse gases, stratospheric ozone depletion, varying solar and geomagnetic activity, secular change of Earth’s magnetic field, and changing dynamics propagating up from the troposphere are some of the possible causes of long-term changes in the stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and ionosphere. The goals of this workshop are to review the current state of knowledge about trends in these atmospheric regions, and to discuss what research is necessary for resolving inconsistencies, reducing uncertainties, and achieving a deeper understanding of middle and upper atmospheric climate change - especially the relative influences of anthropogenic and solar effects.

We welcome papers using all types of observational techniques to determine the long-term changes and trends that have occurred in the past and also to determine the processes behind those changes.

The previous Workshops on Long-Term Changes and Trends in the Atmosphere were: (1) 1999 Pune, India; (2) 2001 Prague, Czech Republic; (3) 2004 Sozopol, Bulgaria; (4) 2006 Sodankyla, Finland; (5) 2008 Saint Petersburg, Russia; (6) 2010 Boulder, Colorado, USA

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The website of the Workshop is:
Registration Form
Visa Requirements

Scientific Themes
New insight from satellite data (e.g., TIMED, OMI, etc.) and international collaborations (e.g., NDMC, CAWSES Activities, etc.)
New statistical approaches in trend detection: nonlinearities, discontinuities, and uncertainties
Gravity waves and changing climate
Influence of tropospheric and stratospheric trends on upper atmospheric climate
Drivers of trends and? trends in middle and upper atmospheric dynamical parameters
Emerging trends in the mesosphere, including NLC/PMCs
Attribution of trends in the thermosphere and ionosphere (including trends in irregularties and turbulence) to anthropogenic forcing, geomagnetism, and solar climate
Whole-atmosphere climate change: Impacts, adaptation, mitigation, and geo-engineering

Important Dates
Deadline for Abstract Submission:
( )
June 30, 2012
Deadline for Financial Support Application:
( )
June 25, 2012
Decision about Financial Support: July 10, 2012
Communication of Abstract AcceptanceJuly 10, 2012

All participants are kindly requested to register filling in the personal details of the Registration Form, available here. Email the filled Registration Form to: aelias[at] or anagelias[at] In the mail Subject please write: TREND 2012 Registration. The registration process is finished once you receive a confirmation mail.

Registration Fee
Participant (170 USD), Young Scientist (120 USD), Students (120 USD), Accompanying Person (100 USD)

The registration fee must be paid at the Workshop. It can be paid in US dollars (USD) or the equivalent in Argentine pesos. Registration fee for workshop participants (regular and young scientist/student) include: participation in all sessions, conference folder with printed Programme Book including Abstracts, welcome dinner, city tour.

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