Found in 1990 STIL-BAS is the largest national centre for fundamental research in the field of solar-terrestrial physics, in situ and remote investigation of the geospace, planets and interplanetary space, optical atmosphere emissions and space biology and medicine. Its main objective is to apply the results from the fundamental studies into technology innovations. STIL-BAS took part in the development of scientific programs, instruments and data analyses and in coordination of scientific programs for the following satellites, rockets planetary probes and manned space flights: Intercosmos - 2,8,12,14,18,24; Intercosmos-"Bulgaria 1300" -1st and 2nd satellite; the rockets "Vertical"-3,4,6,7,10; flights of the first (1979) and second (1988) Bulgarian astronauts; projects VEGA, Phobos 1 & 2, Interball-1st and 2nd satellites, APEX, Koronas, space station “Mir”, Bion-11, ISS, Foton-1M, International Space Station, Foton-2/3M etc..

The scientific results are published in journals such as Nature, Adv. in Space Research, Acta Astronautica, Planetary and Space Science, etc.

STIL-BAS is in close collaboration with many research institutes and international organizations such as: IKI, IMBP and ISMIRAN (Russia), ESA, NASA (USA), CNES (France), DARA, NASDA (Japan), COSPAR, IAF, IAGA, URSI, IUGG, AGU, IBRO (International Brain Research Organization), ENA (European Neuroscience Association), ULB and BISA-Belgium etc.

STIL-BAS permanent staff is 80 people, including 47 scientists, 15 with PhD and 4 with D.Sc. degree and 2 full and 1 corresponding members of BAS.

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