ISWI Newsletter - Vol.4 No.64
12 June 2012

Dear ISWI Participant:
      The following message is fromEndawoke Yizengaw (PhD)
Senior Research Scientist of Space Science
Institute for Scientific Research
Boston College
140 Commonwealth Avenue
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467-3862
Phone: 617-552-0146; FAX: 617-552-2818

Email: kassie[at]
International AGU Chapman Conference on:
"Hemispheric and Longitude Dependence of Space Weather"
12-16 November 2012, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Abstract Submission Deadline: 12 July 2012

The International AGU Chapman Conference on "Longitude and Hemispheric Dependence of Space Weather" will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 12-16 November 2012. The conference will focus on two overarching themes:

A) How does the ionospheric response to major solar events depend on hemisphere and longitude;


B) Expand the study of space weather to include day-to-day ionospheric variability, i.e., to those times when solar and geomagnetic activities are moderate and forcing from the lower atmosphere drives a lot of the variability. The latter will include examining the cause of longitude and hemispheric dependence in total electron content (TEC) and occurrence of plasma density irregularities.

The conference will include six main science topics:

(1) Hemispherical Dependence of Magnetospheric Energy Injection . and the Thermosphere-Ionosphere Response;

(2) Longitude and Hemispheric Dependence of Storm-Enhanced Densities (SED);

(3) Response of the Thermosphere and Ionosphere to X-Ray and EUV . Time-History During Flares;

(4) Quiet-Time Longitude Spatial Structure in Total Electron Content . and Electrodynamics;

(5) Temporal Response to Lower-Atmosphere Disturbances; and

(6) Ionospheric Irregularities and Scintillations.

The conference will also include a panel discussion on "What observations and activities are needed in the region to address the outstanding science questions".

Further information will be available shortly:

Abstract deadline 12 July 2012
Patricia Doherty (patricia.doherty[at]
Endawoke Yizengaw (endawoke.kassie[at]
Tim Fuller-Rowell (tim.fuller-rowell[at]
Gizaw Mengistu (gizaw_mengistu[at]

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With kind regards,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.

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