ISWI Newsletter - Vol.4 No.50
05 May 2012

Dear ISWI Participant:

The web link below sends you to this article "Advancing Space Weather Services through International Coordination" by Terrance Onsager, and is dated 24 April 2012. (Thanks to Dr R. Marshall of IPS Australia for bringing it to my attention.). AGU's Space Weather journal:

The article makes a reference to ISWI and I extract here the paragraph that does this:
page 3 right column

Partnerships between research institutions and service organizations will also be essential to improving space weather services. Encouraged by programs such as the U.N.-sponsored International Space Weather Initiative, universities and national laboratories around the world are initiating new programs in space science and space weather. New instrument arrays are being deployed, and programs are being created to expand space science research and education. These efforts will yield well-trained young scientists and valuable local measurements over large regions. Because the infrastructure and the institutional resources may not exist in many locations to support real-time dissemination of quality-controlled data, it is important to coordinate science and education activities with the efforts of space weather service providers. If strong partnerships can be formed between research and service organizations, then local talent and data will inevitably lead to better space weather services.

(End of the extraction.)

Today is "Kid's Day" in Japan, where Golden Week (GW) is in full swing.

Faithfully and respectfully yours,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.


(1) Onsager, T. (2012), Advancing Space Weather Services Through International Coordination, Space Weather, 10, S04004 doi:10.1029/2011SW000763 1.4 MB pdf, 4 pages, (click )

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