ISWI Newsletter - Vol.4 No.1
06 January 2012

Dear ISWI Participant:

Three items are attached for your inspection:

1. The final report on the ISWI/MAGDAS School that took place last summer near Lagos, Nigeria. [ This 31-page report was written by Dr. A. B. Rabiu of Nigeria, who is the MAGDAS Coordinator for Africa. ]

2. Updated information on the RENOIR Project. ["The Remote Equatorial Nighttime Observatory of Ionospheric Regions (RENOIR) project is a joint collaboration between researchers from several institutions, including The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Clemson University, Cornell University, the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) and the Federal University at Campina Grande (UFCG). Through the construction and deployment of a RENOIR station, we hope to come to a better understanding of the variability in the nighttime ionosphere and the effects this variability has on critical satellite navigation and communication systems." --- from this updated info. ]

3. "Our Explosive Sun", a new book, just out. [ Pertinent info is available at the ISWI website. click here]

Best Wishes for the New Year from Japan,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.


(1) Dr. A. B. Rabiu Final report on the ISWI/MAGDAS School Lagos, Nigeria, 2.7 MB pdf, 31 pages, (click )

(2) snapshot from ISWI web site Updated Info on RENOIR 880 KB pdf, 3 pages, (click )

(3) snapshot from ISWI web site Our Explosive Sun -- new book 847 KB pdf, 2 pages, (click )

Note: The final report of Dr. Rabiu and more information about ISWI schools, can be found here.