ISWI Newsletter - Vol.5 No.91
03 September 2013

Dear ISWI Participant:

Dr James Head recently (August 2012) completed his two-year Science and Technology Policy Fellowship. Sponsored by the AAAS, he served in the Office of Space and Advanced Technology (SAT) at the U.S. State Department. Attached is a brief article (see page 2) about Dr Head and his space policy contribution at the State Department.
This is an excerpt from it:

Jim rounded out his Fellowship experience by convening an international workshop on Space Weather Societal Impacts, held on the coattails of the 55th Meeting of the UNCOPUOS. The workshop was followed by a special seminar held before the Committee of 71 Member States and 20 Permanent Observers with simultaneous translation into the six official UN languages.

In addition ...

Previous ISWI Newsletters have covered the topic of "Space Weather Societal Impacts Workshop and Seminar at the COPUOS". (everything about this Seminar can be found on ISWI-site, click here. It is listed on the menu, "Projects" to the same site.)

The convener for this workshop and seminar was Dr James Head. His notes ("Convener's Note") can be found in ISWI Newsletter, Volume 4, Number 89 and here.

Also circulated by this newsletter was this paper authored by Dr. James Head and Dr. Hans Haubold: "Space Weather Societal Impacts Workshop and Seminar at the 55th Meeting of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space" (published: 28 November 2012 -- SPACE WEATHER, VOL. 10, S11007, doi.10.1029/2012SW000874 2012)


This paper can be found in ISWI Newsletter, Volume 4, No. 120.
(Download it from as ADOBE PDF file 381KB, 3 pages, click link to document)
All back issues of this newsletter are on this site, look for Newsletter Archive.

Faithfully yours,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


(1) Planetary Science Institute NEWSLETTER Vol.14, No. 1 Spring 2013 997 KB pdf, 6 pages, (click link to document)

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