ISWI Newsletter - Vol.5 No.90
30 August 2013

Dear ISWI Participant:

Reading this text means that you are likely to be a subscriber to the "ISWI Newsletter". However, another important news & info component of ISWI is the "ISWI Website", which has been managed by Mitko (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) since the year 2009.
It is this: (you are there)

Last year, at the "UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI", Mitko delivered an oral presentation describing his website and my newsletter. I attach the first five pages of it to this email as pdf.

The entire presentation can be viewed by visiting Mitko's website ( this site) -- the necessary steps are explained on page 5 of the attached pdf, at the bottom of the page in a yellow box.

Mitko and I wish to encourage you to use both ISWI resources: his website and my newsletter. Specifically, please submit info that will be of interest to the ever-expanding ISWI community. Such info dissemination will benefit yourself and the International Space Weather Initiative. It is a win-win situation.

Finally, my newsletter is fully archived at Mitko's website. Every single issue is in the newsletter archive (click here). I am grateful to Mitko for faithfully providing this important service, year in and year out.

Cordially and most humbly yours,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


(1) the first five pages of "The ISWI Website and the ISWI Newsletter" A Summary Report to Third UN/Ecuador Workshop on ISWI October 812, 2012, Quito, Republic of Ecuador 628 KB pdf, 5 pages, (click link to document) (view the full presentation here)

If you want to read the original newsletter, click here.

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