ISWI Newsletter - Vol.5 No.76
15 July 2013

Dear ISWI Participant:

I attach an interesting item from The Washington Post; first published on 13 July 2013. It is a fairly general article. (Thanks to Dr. H. Kawano, Kyushu University, for bringing it to my attention.)

The following excerpt is from page 9 of the attached 10-page pdf:

... Right now, NASA operates four space satellites situated between the Earth and the sun, which together can provide roughly 30 minutes' warning of a major solar eruption. But these satellites are all reaching the end of their planned lives (and fuel tanks), and there's only one replacement satellite scheduled to launch in 2014 ...

So the early warning system is aging quickly and there needs to be a debate on how money must be invested in this system in the future. Thirty minutes can make a big difference if a big chunk of the sun is coming right at us.

Cordially yours,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


(1) Brad Plumer When space weather attacks! Published: July 13, 2013 in The Washington Post 768 KB pdf, 10 pages, (click link to document) (link to original)

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