ISWI Newsletter - Vol.5 No.52
27 April 2013

Dear ISWI Participant:

There are two items today.

FIRST The following announcement comes from Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, USA. Please note that travel support is not available for this event this year.

2-Week CCMC/SWRC Space Weather Boot Camp
at NASA/Goddard (3 - 14 June 2013)

This is to let you know that we will have our inaugural Space Weather REDI (Research, Education and Development Initiative) 2-week intense training camp during 3 - 14 June 2013 at NASA/GSFC (Goddard Space Flight Center), which is part of the broader CCMC/SWRC-Universities Space Weather Research, Education, and Development Initiative (SW REDI) (More on SW REDI can be found here:

Built upon previous training experience, this unique two-week intensive camp/course includes: the in-house Integrated Space Weather Analysis system iSWA (; space environment models installed at the CCMC (; and the operational experience of the SWRC team (

While the camp/course is mainly geared towards those motivated undergraduate students who either seek to be independent space weather forecasters or those who seek to perform space weather related research to fulfill academic requirements, it is also appropriate for scientists and others new to space weather who are interested in developing a global perspective regarding space weather, as well as those aiming to broaden their research topics.

Please let us know if you'd like to send some people/students over (at participants' own cost/their home institution) to take advantage of this opportunity so we can make proper arrangements. Please feel free to forward this to those who may be interested.

Best, Yihua

Office: (301)286-0111
Building 21, Room 252
Cell: (240)381-5237
Fax: (301)286-9203
Yihua Zheng, Ph.D.
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Heliophysics Science Division
Space Weather Laboratory, Code 674
Greenbelt, MD 20771

SECOND --Message regarding:
35th International School for Young Astronomers (ISYA 2013) in Indonesia
Important dates to keep in mind for it:
18 February 2013 - First announcement (opening of online application)
3 May 2013 - Deadline of Application
4 June 2013 - Decision of Selected Participants
26 July 2013 - Announcement of Technical Informations
26 August 2013 - the ISYA School Commencement
13 September 2013 - Closing

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Most faithfully yours,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter

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