In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Dear colleagues, members of the Supreme and Consultative Councils of the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences(AUASS), scholars , researchers, and amateurs in the fields of Astronomy and Space sciences

Friday, August 23/2013
Subject: The Sixth Astro-Islamic Conference

Peace be upon you,

Best greetings and regards from the Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences(AUASS).

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Scientific and Organizing Committees of the ABOVE conference have been, since two weeks ago, preparing for Organizing &holding the Astro-Islamic Conference at the World Islamic Sciences & Education University in conjunction with The Chief Justice Department , the Ministry of Awgaf and Islamic Affairs and Jordanian Astronomy Society in Amman/Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the period: 24-26/9/2013 (18-20 Thul-Qi’da/ 1434 AH.). The conference will be held in accordance with the same themes and conditions stated in the conference web page:

The Committees are about to complete the preparations for the conference including the logistics, meeting halls and rooms, typing the necessary documents, making hotel reservations as well as the conference program. The conference program is expected to be sent to you by the end of this week, i.e, the first week of September.

So far, only 50 out of 90 research papers received have been accepted. However, we can still accept a few outstanding papers as long as we receive them within the few coming days. Interested researchers are request to send their abstracts before the conference program is issued, so that it can be sent to all participants in the first week of September.

Those who have not yet sent us the participation forms are requested to visit the following website to fill in the form and email it to the Organizing Committee as soon as possible. A passport copy and a personal photo are also required for issuing the visas.:

For more information and for those who may need an official letter of invitation to obtain the approval of their institutions, you can contact any of the following colleagues:

Dr. Engineer Awni Khasawneh/ Secretary General of AUASS (00962 77774205)
Mr. Hani AL- Dhalee’/member of the Consultative Office of AUASS (00962 799186707)
Ms. Faizah AL-Muhtasib: AUASS Secretary (00962 790603315)

We would like to inform you that the papers that have been so far accepted have been classified into the following themes as follows:

1. Astronomical and Cosmological concepts in the Qur’anic verses , including physical and astronomical models, responses and discoveries.

2. Citing Crescents between Islamic studies(Share’a) and astronomical calculations. These papers discuss digital astronomical imaging of the crescent. The Shari’a as well as the scientific and astronomical stances regarding citing the crescent using satellites, digital cameras and airplanes are also discussed. The experiences of some Islamic countries in determining the direction of the Qibla and other astronomical calculations will also be presented.

3. Astronomical and space sciences in the Arab Islamic heritage and the results of certain astronomical phenomena and celestial bodies such as stars, supernova and comets will be presented and discussed. Furthermore, historical events and associating them with solar and lunar eclipses will be examined.

4. Astronomical and astrophysical applications, observatory site testing in some Arab countries, studies and observations of the sun rotation, activities and sun spots particularly in the in the last few years.

5. Astronomical , astrophysical and space sciences applications, star observations, changes and developments.

6. Astronomical calculations for the praying times in different locations(coordinates). Observing the phenomena of true and false fajr (dawn).Teaching Methodologies and training space and astronomical sciences for schools and universities, and their applications particularly in the Islamic Shari’a.

7. In addition, some activities will be performed such as night observations, astronomical and technical activities, administrative sessions for AUASS. Beside Opening ceremony and the concluding session.

I am looking forward to the full cooperation of the participants with the Organizing Committee in sending the required documents to obtain the visas, and abstracts that have not yet been sent as soon as possible in the coming few days.

I highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making the conference a success in developing astronomical and space sciences in the Arab World.

Best regards,
Hamid Al-Naimiy

Hamid M.K.Al-Naimiy
Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs/ University of Sharjah
President / Arab Union for Astronomy and Space Sciences
P.O. Box 27272 Sharjah / UAE
Tel: +971 6 5053033
Fax: +971 6 5050489