ISWI Newsletter - Vol.6 No.002
02 January 2014

Dear ISWI Participant:

Please find attached the latest newsletter from SCOSTEP which is achieving more and more each year.
In this issue:

1. Editorial -- Message from the SCOSTEP President
2. Reports on Meetings -- June through December, Year 2013
4. Upcoming Events -- 2014
5. General Information about SCOSTEP

This issue is really packed with information, and so if you have never read a SCOSTEP newsletter, this is one to read. It contains several photos.

In two places, it mentions the SCOSTEP GENERAL COUNCIL MEETING that took place at the tail-end of CAWSES-II Symposium (Nagoya, Japan) in November of last year. I had the good fortune of attending this meeting as an observer, and I took a few photos; these are attached as the second pdf...

...The last photo shows Dr Nat Gopalswamy congratulating Prof. Rabiu as Nigeria has become the most recent member of SCOSTEP -- the first sub-Saharan country of Africa to join up. I would appeal to all sub-Saharan countries to follow in the footsteps of Nigeria by putting in a membership application. In any case, I too warmly congratulate Prof. Rabiu and all space science researchers in Nigeria for taking this bold and important step. This step allows for the ever more integration of Africa into the global community of space science (or space weather) activities ... which is a major goal of ISWI.

Best wishes for the New Year,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


(1) SCOSTEP Newsletter No 6&7, December 2013 947 KB pdf, 10 pages, (click link to document)

(2) "SCOSTEP General Council Meeting" in Nagoya, November 2013 (Photo Collage) 541 KB pdf, 3 pages., (click link to document)

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