ISWI Newsletter - Vol.11 No.05
28 April 2019

Dear ISWI Participant:

If you need to publicize your space-weather-related events, I can do it for you. Send details for general distribution; but please send early to me so that people have time to meet the dead lines involved.

Also, event reports [post-action reports] are also highly appreciated.

This newsletter has been published since 2009; all is archived, too.

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


[1] Postdoc Opportunity – "Space Weather Data, Modeling and Forecasting" from Georgia Tech
(read it)

[2] AGS (African Geophysical Society) Newsletter - Vol.2 No.004 - 21 April 2019 (read it)

[1] Postdoc Opportunity – "Space Weather Data Modeling, Forecasting and Data/Model Analytics"
at Georgia Tech

We are seeking a postdoctoral scholar in the field of space weather forecasting. Hooray science!

Our project combines significant data analytics, including machine learning and high performance computing, taking a broad view of dynamics of the space weather environment. We will be working with a large team including collaborators at several other institutions. We want you to publish papers, present at conferences, & work with PhD students.

The position can begin as early as 01-June but we have some flexibility. We expect this will last 18 months with a possible additional year. Benefits will be competitive – salary significantly higher than the national average for postdocs. Employee and health care benefits are provided.

This is a fun and exciting opportunity on a fun and collaborative team, so if this is for you, please apply!

Bonus points if you can complete this lame joke: Why doesn't the Sun go to college?

Ready to apply? Send a CV, letter of interest, and names of two references. We’ll review applications starting 01-May and until the position is filled.

To apply(or ask a question), please contact: Morris Cohen,
Associate Professor School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
E-MAIL:mcohen[at], WEB:

See also this attachment:  link to document (700KB, one page)

Send by Morris B. Cohen

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[2] AGS (African Geophysical Society) Newsletter - Vol.2 No.004 - 21 April 2019

!!!!Welcome to the AGS Newsletter!!!!

Dear Subscribers,

The AGS Newsletter is published as part of the activities of the African Geophysical Society.
You are encouraged to contribute material to this newsletter for distribution to the global scientific community.  The material should be related to earth and space Science.

Aderonke Obafaye The Editor

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Send by Aderonke Obafaye

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(1) Flyer "Space Weather Data, Modeling and Forecastinglink to document (700KB, one page)

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