ISWI Newsletter - Vol.9 No.07
15 May 2017

Dear ISWI Participant:

See Item [2] below. With great pleasure I announce that we have broken the 500th subscriber mark. I think we can achieve 1000th mark quickly. Do you have students studying space science? Please ask each and every one of them to subscribe. Subscription method is at the bottom of each newsletter issue.

Students are our future space weather scientists; so keep them informed.

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


[1] New results from PRL in India: Solar wind flow angle and geo-effectiveness of corotating interaction regions; (read it)

[2] ISWI Newsletter now has 500 subscribers (read it)

[3] Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) Research Fellowship (read it)

[1] New results from PRL in India

Dear Dr. Maeda,

Please find attached a short write up for publication in the ISWI Newsletter. Prof. Gopalswamy has requested me to send you the PDF file of the write up. The results described have just been accepted for publication in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

The result is a new finding by a group of researchers at the Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad, India on the geo-effectiveness of solar wind flows caused by co-rotating interaction regions. The lead author, Diptiranjan Rout, is a Graduate Sutudent at PRL, working towards his PhD.

Thanks and Best Wishes Janardhan

Prof. Janardhan Padmanabhan
Dean, Physical Research Laboratory
Ahmedabad - 380 009 India

For more details see:  link to document

Send by Janardhan Padmanabhan

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[2] ISWI Newsletter now has 500 subscribers

Each week, as editor, I receive the following report from the service provider:

Domain Report of 7 May 2017
Argentina (.ar)71.4
Armenia (.am)10.2
Australia (.au)71.4
Austria (.at)40.8
Belgium (.be)40.8
Brazil (.br)112.2
Bulgaria (.bg)40.8
Canada (.ca)163.2
China (.cn)10.2
Colombia (.co)10.2
Commercial (.com)20440.8
Croatia (.hr)10.2
Cuba (.cu)10.2
Czech Republic (.cz)30.6
DR-Congo (.cd)10.2
Denmark (.dk)10.2
Educational (.edu)173.4
Egypt (.eg)20.4
European (.eu)20.4
Fiji (.fj)10.2
Finland (.fi)10.2
France (.fr)224.4
Germany (.de)91.8
Greece (.gr)20.4
Hungary (.hu)20.4
India (.in)81.6
Indonesia (.id)10.2
International (.int)40.8
Ireland (.ie)10.2
Italy (.it)102.0
Japan (.jp)244.8
Jordan (.jo)10.2
Kazakhstan (.kz)10.2
Latvia (.lv)10.2
Lebanon (.lb)10.2
Malaysia (.my)102.0
Mauritius (.mu)10.2
Mexico (.mx)40.8
Netherlands (.nl)10.2
Network (.net)71.4
New Zealand (.nz)10.2
Nigeria (.ng)10.2
Norway (.no)30.6
Oman (.om)10.2
Organization (.org)51.0
Peru (.pe)10.2
Philippines (.ph)10.2
Poland (.pl)20.4
Qatar (.qa)10.2
Russia (.ru)132.6
Singapore (.sg)10.2
Slovak Rep (.sk)40.8
S. Africa (.za)71.4
S. Korea (.kr)10.2
Spain (.es)61.2
Sweden (.se)20.4
Switzerland (.ch)40.8
Taiwan (.tw)20.4
Tunisia (.tn)10.2
Turkey (.tr)102.0
UAE (.ae)10.2
US Gov (.gov)112.2
UK (.uk)204.0
Uruguay (.uy)10.2
Summary: 500100%

We have subscribers from all corners of the world.

Send by George Maeda

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[3] Research Fellowship in Japan

To all researchers:

If you would like to spend 3-6 months doing research in Japan with all travel expenses covered, then consider this: Matsumae International Foundation (MIF) Research Fellowship

(Dead line for applications for the current round is the end of August.
Applications accepted via snail mail only.
Your chances are good because this fellowship is not widely known.
But it has been around for a while.)

Eligibility Requirements: [from their website here]

Applicants of non-Japanese nationality;
a Doctorate degree;    must be 49 years old or under;
not have been in Japan previously;
have firm positions and professions in their home nations; etc.

Host Institution In Japan:
Applicants are free to select host institutions (university research laboratories, national research institutions or the corresponding facilities of private industry)

Fellowship Details:
Stipend for research and stay, Insurance, Air transportation (a round-trip air ticket to/from Tokyo) and Lump sum on arrival)

Period & Number of Fellowships:
For a period of from three to six months;
the number of fellowships is about 20 persons each year.

For more details see:  link to document

Send by George Maeda

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(1) in Press Solar wind flow angle and geo effectiveness of corotating interaction regions
371 KB pdf, 3 pages (click link to document)

(2) Research Fellowship Program in Japan 155 KB pdf, 8 pages (click link to document)

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