ISWI Newsletter - Vol.9 No.01
27 January 2017

Dear ISWI Participant:

Happy New Year Greetings from ISWI.

This newsletter has been published since 2009 under a mandate from the United Nations (see Issue No. 1 of Volume No. 1 in the newsletter archives at the ISWI website maintained by Mitko of Bulgaria).

We now have over 460 subscribers all of the world. I thank you for your continuous support since 2009, and I ask for your support in 2017. In particular, please send in material for publication. I will publish any material related to space weather.

If you submit material, it should be a single pdf under 3MB in size. It should have a good mix of text and pictures (say, half and half). It should be written in clear English. Reports about observatories and observation campaigns are especially welcome.

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


[1] "Space Weather and Seismoelectromagnetics in the Philippines", R. E. S. Otadoy, et al. (read it)

[2] A novel way to measure how much heat the oceans are hiding
(this is not space weather -- more like ocean weather) (read it)

[3] A new year card from GIRGEA (read it)

[4] Mohammed Yahya Alkenani "Space Weather Activities in Sudan" (read it)

[5] Upcoming "ISWI Steering Committee Meeting", - agenda, Dr Nat Gopalswami (read it)

[1] Space Weather and Seismoelectromagnetics in the Philippines

R. E. S. Otadoy[1], R. Violanda[1], P. Ong[1], I. Yoshikawa[2], T. Uozumi[2], S. Abe[2], A. Fujimoto[2]
H. Ishibashi[3], T. Nagatsuma[2], Q. Sugon Jr.[4], McNamara[4]
[1] Center for Geoinformatics and Environmental Solutions, University of San Carlos, Cebu City, Philippines
[2]International Center for Space Weather Science and Education (ICSWSE), Kyushu Uni, Fukuoka, Japan
[3]National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Tokyo, Japan
[4]ICSWSE Subcenter, Manila Observatory, Quezon City, Philippines

Please see this pdf: (click link to document

(Sent in by Roland Otadoy)

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[2] "How hot is the sea?"

An article in The Economist Climate change, oceans, magnetic field changes

Please see this pdf: link to document

(Sent in by G Maeda)

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[3] A new year card from GIRGEA

Please see this pdf: link to document

(Sent in by Christine Amory)

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[4] Mohammed Yahya Alkenani "Space Weather Activities in Sudan"


The Institute of Space Research and Aerospace (ISRA) and the Ministry of Youth and Sport have making joint Group in coming months about developing the capacity building to the Students, pupils and the amateurs so as make big interested people in this field and to know the the awareness of space weather and it impacts in the future to get good researcher at this field understanding the concern of this important phenomena.

Within the celebrations of New Year at Sudan we make Space Exhibition consists of posters, model of new Horizon probe and telescopes.

Contents of this report
  1. The details of Exhibition
  2. The photos clear this events and researchers whom explain at the Exhibition.
  3. Acknowledgement

Please see this pdf: link to document

(Sent in by Mohammed Yahya Alkenani)

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[5] "2017 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting"

ISWI Steering Committee Meeting 2017
Conference Room C6, 7th floor, C-building
Vienna International Centre (VIC), Vienna Austria

10 AM to 6 PM, February 1, 2017


1. Introduction & Report (Nat Gopalswamy, chair)

2. Secretariat update

3. Steering Committee update

4. ISWI National Coordinators (Report by Christine Amory)

5. ISWI Instruments update (Shing Fung)

6. Data Subcommittee Report (Shing Fung)

7. ISWI UNOOSA Collaboration (Sharafat Gadimova)

8. Expert Group update (Ian Mann)

9. ISWI/NASA report: Elsayed Talaat

10. ISWI School Report (Nov 7-17 2016, Sangli, India)

11. ISWI/CALLISTO Workshop (Christian Monstein)

12. UN/US Workshop in Boston (July 31÷August 4, 2017 Patricia Doherty)

13. VarSITI Report Katya Georgieva

14. National/Regional Coordinator reports

15. Any other matter

Please see this pdf: (click link to document

(Sent in by Nat Gopalswamy)

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**************[ End of this issue of the ISWI Newsletter ]******************

(1) R. E. S. Otadoy, R. Violanda, P. Ong, I. Yoshikawa, T. Uozumi, S. Abe, A. Fujimoto, H. Ishibashi, T. Nagatsuma, Q. Sugon Jr., D. McNamara, "Space Weather and Seismoelectromagnetics in the Philippines", 4 288 KB pdf, 68 pages (click link to document)

(2) "How hot is the sea?", 618 KB pdf, one page (click link to document)

(3) , "New Year greetings", 565 KB pdf, one page (click link to document)

(4) , "Report from Sudan", 1 077 KB pdf, 5 pages (click link to document)

(5) Nat Gopalswamy, "2017 ISWI Steering Committee Meeting", Agenda 46 KB pdf, 2 pages (click link to document)