ISWI Newsletter - Vol.8 No.18
30 October 2016

Dear ISWI Participant:

If you held activities for 2016 WSW (World Space Week) please send in your report for distribution. In this issue there is a second report from Sudan.

In the next issue there will be an article about space weather activities of Manila Observatory in the Philippines. If your institute is engaged in space weather activities, please send to me your report for distribution to the entire ISWI community. We want to know what things you are doing for this international scientific enterprise.

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


[1] School on GPS at BREST/France [13 - 17 February 2017] (read it)

[2] Report from Sudan: 2016 World Space Week in Sudan, Part 2 (read it)

[1] School on GPS at BREST/France [13 - 17 February 2017]
Organized by GIRGEA «Groupe International de Recherche en Geophysique EUROPE AFRIQUE»

Instructor: Rolland Fleury Rolland.fleury[at]

in agenda

Number of participants : maximum 8

For more info see link to document

(Sent in by Christine Amory)

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[2] Second Part of Report: 2016 World Space Week in Sudan

Look at Photo Collage link to document

(Sent in by Mohammed Yahya Alkenani)

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(1) SCHOOL on GPS at BREST/France, 187 KB pdf, 2 pages (click link to document)

(2) Photo Collage: 2016 Sudan World Space Week events", 3 485 KB pdf, 9 pages (click link to document)