ISWI Newsletter - Vol.8 No.17
15 October 2016

Dear ISWI Participant:

If you hold any kind of space-weather-related event, please send the details to me for circulation. One pdf with text and photos.

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter


[1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #64 (read it)

[2] Report from Sudan: 2016 World Space Week in Sudan (read it)

[3] Message from ISWI "Membership" Sub-Committee concerning National Coordinators (read it)

[4] 2016 World Space Week in Kitakyushu, Japan (read it)
(this was first mentioned in the previous issue of this newsletter)

[1] CALLISTO status report/newsletter #64

New function on e-Callisto website To get a quick overview about the status of the different instruments, a new dynamic image was produced. The image presented in figure 1 shows day/night areas and status of instruments today and two days ago. Instrument which did not provide data within the last two days are plotted in blue dots. Instruments working two days ago are shown in green while instrument providing data today are shown in red. Blue dots are also for stations which never provided data. All the software coding has been performed in Python 2.7

Check it out !

Read the entire Newsletter #64  link to document

(Sent in by C. Monstein)

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[2] Report from Sudan: 2016 World Space Week in Sudan


World Space Week (WSW) is a worldwide celebration event held in many locations in the world by organizing activities concerned space science and technology. The celebration period is usually planned to be held from October 4÷10 every year. Because these two days: the 4th of October and 10th of October were known to be a history records of two important events in space science and technology; i.e. the launching of sputnik1, which is the first satellite for space exploration, and the signing of the treaty on principles governing the activities of United Nations (UN) member states in the exploration and peaceful uses of outer space. In Sudan, the World Space Week celebration was held for the first time just the last year, i.e. 2015. The 2015 Sudan WSW events included: public presentations, outreach program and expo for space and astronomy sciences. This year, the 2016 Sudan WSW events were held this time with an outstanding encouragement from all. Here, we report all activities of the 2016 WSW held in Sudan.

Read the entire report  link to document

(Sent in by Mohammed Yahya Alkenani)

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[3] Message from ISWI "Membership" Sub-Committee concerning National Coordinators

Dear ISWI National Coordinators:

The ISWI "Membership" Sub-Committee seeks to update all info on National Coordinators.

Please go to the ISWI website, and click on the tab "Organization", and then on "National Coordinators".

If you wish to be the National Coordinator for your country, it is possible. Please contact Christine Amory using christine.amory[at] and CC to me Mitko Danov (ISWI webmaster) mitkodanov[at]

When you write:
In the Subject field: To ISWI "Membership" Sub-Committee
Please furnish the following info:
Country :
Name: [family name in upper case]
Affiliation :
Web: [WEB-address of your affiliation]
… … … … and then whatever you wish to say
Mitko Danov (ISWI webmaster)

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[4] 2016 World Space Week in Kitakyushu, Japan

Thanks to Antara (Bangladesh) for these photos.

This was the first WSW event in Kitakyushu. It is hoped that students will work hard to keep this going each year from now on . . . as it is done around the world.


If there is no WSW in your country, please consider starting it. And send the news to me.

Look at the Photo collages  link to document

(Sent in by G. Maeda)

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(1) CALLISTO status report/newsletter #64, 868 KB pdf, 5 pages (click link to document)

(2) Mohammed Yahya Alkenani, Magdi E Yousif Suliman, Moutaman Mirghni, Hala Almubark, Gassan Ali Mohamed "Reporting: 2016 Sudan World Space Week events", 859 KB pdf, 9 pages (click link to document)

(3) Photo collage from 2016 World Space Week in Kitakyushu, Japan, 4 584 KB pdf, 21 pages (click link to document)