ISWI Newsletter - Vol.2 No.91
15 November 2010

Dear ISWI Participant:

This issue is "2010 ISWI Workshop #3."

I was asked to circulate the attached item from a gentleman in Uruguay, who missed the workshop last week in Egypt due to insufficient circulation of information about ISWI.

Incidentally, during the closing ceremony at the workshop last week, Dr Hans Haubold (United Nations, Vienna) strongly urged ISWI participants to communicate more with each other. He said, "Communication is not really occurring in my opinion. Therefore, please use more actively the ISWI Newsletter (done by Japan) and the ISWI Website (done by Bulgaria)."

Accordingly, I have prepared a simple guide for subscribing to the ISWI Newsletter; please see the second attached pdf and store it for future propagation. The described subscription method is the only method ---- I cannot add anyone to the mailing list, for good reasons.

If you want to send something out through the newsletter, send it to me. I prefer a pdf with a mix of text and photos because text-only is deadly dull.
Finally, also during the closing ceremony, Dr Nat Gopalswamy (Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA) invoked this very interesting and apt proverb from Africa (attributed to Dr. B. Rabiu, Nigeria) : :
"He who eats alone, dies alone."

George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.


(1) "ISWI and Uruguay", Message from Gonzalo Tancredi, Director Observatorio Astronomico Los Molinos - DICYT - MEC 358 KB, pdf, 1 page, (click )

(2) "How subscribe to the ISWI Newsletter and to access back issues of it", by George Maeda 315 KB pdf, 1 page, (click )

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