ISWI Newsletter - Vol.2 No.90
14 November 2010

Dear ISWI Participant:

This is "2010 ISWI Workshop #2."

I was asked to circulate the following item from Dr Frank Jansen of Bremen, Germany. This news was released last week during the ISWI workshop in Egypt. The attached pdf explains how you can receive this DVD. If you have any questions, please contact Dr Jansen directly.

From: jansen[at]
Date: 11/07/2010 07:51AM
Subject: Space Weather DVD 2010 available

Dr. Frank Jansen, Editor Space Weather DVD
Bremen (Germany) 7 November 2010

Dear reader, space weather interested person, colleague and friend, now the time is perfect – the new space weather DVD is available just before the nearby begin of the maximum of solar activity!

The subject, in which everybody of us should be concerned: worldwide – NASA, ESA, the European Commission and others, started programs and activities related to space situational awareness (SSA) to study the dangerous effects by space weather, space debris and Near Earth Objects (NEOs). Therefore more than twenty, worldwide leading space weather experts from Europe, the U.S.A., Japan, Australia, Brazil and many other countries contributed to this new space weather DVD.

By means of about 1000 movies and images on nearly 300 pages (including a dictionary) all scientifically relevant information about space weather and the forecast of solar storms are entertainingly and popular presented. In addition, the partially very important consequences of space weather for the survival of the entire civilization on Earth respectively for the security of nations, as well as specific consequences for humans, environment, technologies and companies are described: for instance - failures of satellites, disturbances of satellite navigation, positioning and communication (also for mobile phone calls and radio communications), space radiation effects on air traffic, electrical power cuts, effects on global and local gas and oil supply, the influence of space weather to climate change, interruptions in railway and vessel traffic as well as in high tech cars. Even the consequences for the insurance industry and legal laws are sketched. Insofar, space weather is much more than the beautiful polar lights, which are presented on the DVD too.

The DVD also contains chapters about history, art and public outreach. It starts with old drawings of Galileo in a form of a thumb-cinema, it describes failures in New York in 1921 and extends towards the description of power cuts in 1989 and 2003 in America, Europe and South Africa. Space weather also arrived in American art and painting exhibitions, in European kid drawings, in planetarium shows and the dance show “Thunderstorms in Space Weather”. The described public outreach cover – for instance - a space weather bus tour through Europe with stops at the United Nations in Vienna, in Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oslo, Warsaw, Riga and other cities. Moreover the DVD contains a TV film with interviews with US, Japanese, Australian and German scientists and an exciting sounding rocket launch from northern Norway, a space weather talk with the ESA astronaut Frank de Winne from Belgium during his stay at the International Space Station ISS, as well as Japanese kids comics on space weather related themes.

The DVD is a language course too: all information on the DVD are readable in English, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish and Slovakian languages.

The DVD is easy to survey and interactive usable by the user. On the other side the DVD consists of an about 15 long minutes version for science centers and planetarium usages. For this purpose the most beautiful and informative highlights of the videos and images are displayed and supported by music within an endless loop.

Insofar the eight language DVD has not only its scientific, technological and environment very good content, but also the important relationship to the daily life, as well as its additional current value in entertainment, education, art and space weather history.

Therefore the owner of the DVD should not only be scientists, academics and students, but also companies, schools, high schools, universities, libraries as well as SSA related bodies, organizations, institutions and political acting people. In principle the DVD is appropriate to every man and women from young to older citizen, as a private present, but also as a special gift for companies and their partners.

Please read below the simple order description (via email to and delivery procedure: the DVD price is only 10 Euro to 15 Euro (or equivalent currency, the price depends on the number of ordered copies) and you will obtain the DVD within two weeks worldwide.

With best regards
Frank Jansen

P.S.: Please distribute this DVD information to appropriate persons, information desks and media. Thank you.
Cordially yours,
George Maeda
Editor of ISWI Newsletter
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.


(1) "Space Weather DVD", order 410 KB pdf, 1 page., (click )

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