ISWI Newsletter - Vol.2 No.7
11 February 2010

Dear ISWI Participant:

Please find attached the UN report on the workshop in the Republic of Korea. The report very briefly summarizes BSS 1991-2004, IHY 2005-2009 (which was also utilized to make contributions to IYA), and ISWI 2010-2012. On page 5, under "C.", you can see where the workshops for ISWI are scheduled to take place (Egypt, Nigeria, and Equador).

All of the above issues are pursued under the umbrella of the United Nations Basic Space Science Initiative (UNBSSI).

The UN report is eight pages (English version). It is available in all six official languages of the UN.

Look at report in English (click )
Look at report in Arabic (click )
Look at report in Chinese (click )
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Look at report in Russian (click )

ISWI Newsletter Editor has added two pictures that illustrate this report.

The first is a photo of one IHY Korea workshop award ceremony taken by the Editor using his 35-mm film camera (hence the coarseness).

The second is a photo of one of the awards presented; this award was given to four scientists (identified on First photo) to recognize their contribution to the "Observatory Development Program" (component) of IHY.

Next month, Kyushu University is hosting a "ISWI Kickoff Meeting" as part of Japan's domestic ISWI agenda. More details on this meeting will be furnished in a future issue of the ISWI Newsletter; so please stay tuned.

If your country is also conducting ISWI events and you would like them mentioned in this newsletter, please contact the Editor (George Maeda, SERC, Japan). I would be much obliged if such news could be packaged in the form of a "ready-to-distribute" pdf containing the necessary text, diagrams, and photos; this neat packaging would reduce work for me. At least one photo is always recommended because "one picture is worth a thousand words."

Finally, a reminder that this newsletter is archived on the official ISWI website (, which is maintained by ISWI participants in Bulgaria. I am grateful for this archiving courtesy; thank you Mitko san!

Wishing you this coming Sunday a most
(1) Heart-warming Valentine's Day
(2) Prosperous Chinese New Year,
George Maeda
ISWI Newsletter Editor
Hakozaki Campus, Kyushu University, Japan.

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