Journal "Journal of Advanced Research"
Special Issue: Volume 4, Issue 3, (May 2013)

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1. Ahmed A. Hady Deep solar minimum and global climate changes pp. 209-214

2. Giannina Poletto Sources of solar wind over the solar activity cycle pp. 215-220

3. Janet G. Luhmann, Gordon Petrie, Pete Riley Solar origins of solar wind properties during the cycle 23 solar minimum and rising phase of cycle 24 pp. 221-228

4. John D. Richardson Voyager observations of the interaction of the heliosphere with the interstellar medium pp. 229-233

5. Luc Damé, The SWUSV Team The Space Weather and Ultraviolet Solar Variability (SWUSV) Microsatellite Mission pp. 235-251

Original Articles

1. C.T. Russell, L.K. Jian, J.G. Luhmann How unprecedented a solar minimum was it? pp. 253-258

2. M.S. Potgieter, N. Mwiinga, S.E.S. Ferreira, R. Manuel, D.C. Ndiitwani The long-term variability of cosmic ray protons in the heliosphere: A modeling approach pp. 259-263

3. Jean-Louis Zerbo, Christine Amory-Mazaudier, Frédéric Ouattara Geomagnetism during solar cycle 23: Characteristics pp. 265-274

4. Hamid R. Helal, A.A. Galal An early prediction of the maximum amplitude of the solar cycle 25 pp. 275-278

5. Boris Komitov, Vladimir Kaftan The sunspot cycle no. 24 in relation to long term solar activity variation pp. 279-282

6. Salvatore Mancuso, Silvio Giordano Influence of projection effects on the observed differential rotation rate in the UV corona pp. 283-286

7. Alessandro Bemporad, Salvatore Mancuso Super- and sub-critical regions in shocks driven by radio-loud and radio-quiet CMEs pp. 287-291

8. Carlo Benna, Salvatore Mancuso, Silvio Giordano, Lorenzo Gioannini Plasma properties from the multi-wavelength analysis of the November 1st 2003 CME/shock event pp. 293-296

9. P. Vryonides, H. Haralambous Comparison of COSMIC measurements with the IRI-2007 model over the eastern Mediterranean region pp. 297-301

10. Theresa N. Obiekezie, Francisca N. Okeke Solar quiet day ionospheric source current in the West African region pp. 303-305

11. Cyril Bazin, Serge Koutchmy Helium shells and faint emission lines from slitless flash spectra pp. 307-313

12. Julio Saucedo-Morales, Pablo Loera-González Education and public outreach at the Carl Sagan Solar Observatory of the University of Sonora pp. 315-319