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Added on Dec 01, 2016
ISWI Newsletter Vol.8 No.19

Data Analysis Workshop on
Coronal and Interplanetary Shocks:
Data Analysis from SOHO, Wind, and e-CALLISTO Data

February 19÷25, 2017 , Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia

The primary motivation of this workshop is the availability of a wealth of coronagraph data from space missions that can be effectively combined with ground based observations in developing countries to make significant progress in some key issues in space science. Understanding the behavior and evolution of shocks near the Sun is very important in understanding the particle acceleration process and their space weather consequences. Type II bursts from ground based instruments such as CALLISTO provide information on the shock nearest to the Sun, while the space based radio instruments provide information on shocks at a couple of solar radii from the Sun and beyond. Thus there is a great benefit in combining space and ground based data for a better understanding of these solar shocks. After the workshop, the participants will be able to perform correlative data analysis on coronal mass ejections and shocks, thus contributing to the progress of this important field in Sun-Earth connection.

The space data to be utilized in the workshop are readily available online at the CDAW Data Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ( Ground based radio data are also currently made available in the web site The Wind and STEREO radio data are also available in several formats that can be readily downloaded for further analysis. We propose to introduce data analysis tools such as python that can handle the png and fits files. Well before the workshops, we shall make sure that the participants have a software that can handle the data (IDL, Python, or MATLAB)

The target participants are Masters and PhD students, young postdocs and staff involved in hosting e-CALLISTO network. About 30 participants are expected from countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Pakistan, South Africa, and Sri Lanka. All these countries currently host one or even more CALLISTO radio instruments. There will be two levels of support: (1) Financial support will be provided only to those coming from African countries.- For others, they should come on their own funding. (2) People from developing countries will be provided with lodging and meals

International Organizing Committee
Gebregiorgis Abraha, Mekelle University, Ethiopia (ggabraha[at]
Christian Monstein, ETH Zurich, Switzerland (monstein[at]
Ms Mohd Radzi Zahira, National Space Agency of Malaysia, (zahira[at]
Nat Gopalswamy, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA (nat.gopalswamy[at]

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