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Added on June 14, 2012
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United Nations/Austria
Symposium on Data Analysis and Image Processing
for Space Applications and Sustainable Development: Space Weather
18 - 21 September 2012, Graz, Austria
Hosted and co-sponsored by the Government of Austria, the State of Styria and the City of Graz and
co-sponsored by European Space Agency (ESA)

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More and more countries are interested in establishing own basic capacities in space technology development and also in access to- and use of diverse space-based data.

In this context, a new Graz Symposium series is proposed starting with 2012. The new series will attempt to address various space-based data analysis and workflows, data availability and data sharing status as well as future opportunities, with a view to facilitate better and easier access to such data and resulting analytical products for general and wide-scale scientific benefit and also in support of decision making processes. Also, as 2012 is the year of the Rio+20 Summit and the initiation of discussions for a post-2015 global development strategy, the Symposium series will look at how various space-based data availability and analysis could support that global development agenda, and how it could help address or monitor the various sustainable development goals and targets set by the United Nations and its Member States in achieving a sustainable development of our Planet.

The focus in 2012 will be on Space Weather data sources, in-situ and space-borne, related networks and potential analysis scenarios including wider access to such data and analysis results. The topic is also timely in light of the predicted maximum solar activity during the 2012-2013 period, and the impact that it could have on the World.

Deadline for Submission of Applications: no later than Friday, 29 June 2012 deadline for registration has been extended up to 15 July 2012.
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Objectives of the 2012 Symposium will be to: ?    Read more...   

(a) Review the latest status of deployed space weather instrument arrays, in light of the expansion of initial arrays, their specific data collection workflows, data access and sharing protocols.

(b) Examine the available data analysis tools and skills as developed or customized by institutions and array operators or users, identify potential gaps and needs

(c) Promote active cooperation among the various array communities and a cross-cutting exploitation of the collected data, based on expressed needs, leading to the growth of a network of centres of excellence focusing on analysis of space weather data for research and education.

(d) Expand data analysis efforts for the full set of space weather-related data and other relevant databases, with a view to enable also Space Weather forecasting and to potentially use the analytical results for various decision-making processes

(e) Discuss the way forward and potential concrete coordinated activities

2012 Symposium Programme
  • Review of World-Wide Instrument Arrays and other (space-based) data sources
  • Data and Analysis Tools, Availability Issues
  • Data Sharing, Access Issues, Common Data and Resulting Analytical Products

Participants: Applicants must generally have a university degree and well-established professional working experience in a field related to the theme of the Symposium. Applicants should ideally be involved in the planning, implementation or operation of data arrays, in relevant organizations, international or national, research or academic institutions or industry.

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