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Added on September 28, 2011

Solar Radio Workshop
23-25 November 2011, Pune University, India

  • The main focus of the workshop is to train young researchers and students on combined radio and multi-wavelength studies of energy storage and release during solar eruptions
  • Also to foster strong collaboration between radio and space-borne observing communities to make effective solar studies
  • Particularly, the workshop will emphasis the potential of solar studies combining data from
    • SOHO,
    • STEREO,
    • RHESSI,
    • upcoming Aditya, NLST and more

Workshop website:

There is NO registration fee for the workshop read more

However, the registration is compulsory.

Please register before October 15, 2011.
( )
To register, email to solarradioworkshop2011[at]

Please note that since there are logistical limitations, the final list of participants will be decided by the workshop organizing committee.

P.K. Manoharan, NCRA-TIFR (mano[at]
S. Ananthakrishnan, Pune University (subra.anan[at]

The workshop is sponsored by
Pune University,
ETH and
International Space Weather Initiative

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