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Symposium Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2010)
6-11 September 2010
Byurakan, Aragatsotn District, Armenia

ORGANIZERS: Cosmic Ray Division of Alikhanyan Physics Institute, Armenia and Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University, Russia

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BACKGROUND: Studying Energetic Atmospheric Particle Events & Transient Luminous Effects occurring in Earth’s lower and upper atmosphere, as well as in space, is important for several reasons:    Read more...   

  • It provides unique information about particle acceleration and multiplication in the lower atmosphere during thunderstorms;
  • Generation and propagation of huge fluxes of electrons, positrons, gammas and neutrons near the Earth's surface are newly discovered global processes that should be studied by experimental and theoretical methods;
  • Electromagnetic emissions connected with thunderstorms trigger various dynamic processes in the Earth’s magnetosphere, causing global geo-effects and changing electrodynamic properties of the ionosphere.
  • The huge values of energy associated with electron-photon avalanches and upper atmospheric discharges can potentially be a real danger for high–altitude flights

The following topics will be covered:

  • Surface measurements of electrons, neutrons and gammas in correlation with thunderstorms;
  • Energy spectra of electrons and gammas from the ascending relativistic runaway electron (RREA) process;
  • Terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs) observed by gamma-ray observatories in-orbit;
  • Broadband electromagnetic signals detection from thunderstorms;
  • Transient luminous effects of thunderstorms and lightning in the upper atmosphere;
  • Runaway breakdown and relativistic positron/gamma-ray feedback;
  • Timing and positioning of lightning by networks of VLF antennas;
  • Connections with space weather issues;
  • Joint observations by space-born and ground-based facilities.

ATTENDANCE LIMITATION: Due to the size of the venue and other restrictions, the number of participants will be limited to 75.

REGISTRATION: Registration to TEPA 2010 is to be done online via the Symposium website (click here).


  • - 1 June 2010 Abstract submission deadline
  • - 15 June 2010 Contributed presentations selected and participants notified
  • - 15 August 2010 Symposium program details

Payment of the registration fee will be accepted at symposium desk upon arrival
The registration fees are:
Regular Attendees - Euro 250
Undergraduate and Graduate Students - Euro 100

The registration fee covers the cost of transportation from and to airport, coffee breaks, as well as the Reception and the Banquet, excursion to the Aragats research station of Yerevan Physics Institute.

Download the Second Circular
"Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2010)" 75 KB pdf. 3 pages. (click )

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